Teenage Dental Care


There are many things a pediatric dentist can do to help keep your teenager’s mouth healthy for a lifetime.

Preventive dentistry such as cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments are just as important for teenagers as they are for young children. Our team will provide tips on flossing and brushing, as well as ideas on snacking and choosing a healthy diet.

Often teenagers will have additional concerns with how their teeth “look.” If your teenager has concerns about their bite, crooked teeth or the appearance of their smile please talk to us about it. There are a number of techniques we can help you with.

Also, during your child’s teen years their wisdom teeth (third molars) will be developing. Although some third molars come into the mouth normally, others need to be removed because of poor position and lack of space. Our team will make sure the proper treatment is prescribed at the right time.

Dentistry for adolescents and teens is a fundamental part of the advanced training of the pediatric dentist. Your child’s dental health and appearance are important – Let us help keep your teenager’s smile beautiful and healthy!

Keeping a healthy smile. What your teenager does is important!

Snack smart: Life is going to be hectic now. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead of processed foods when you eat on the run. Be careful of snack foods and beverages containing sugar as they cause damage to the teeth and gums. Clear the snack from the teeth as soon as possible – even a simple swish and rinse with water will help.

Practice good prevention at least twice a day. Brush effectively and floss to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Keep up with dental checkups. During these growing years, your child’s face and jaws will undergo many changes. Your teenager can be healthy and attractive through these changes by taking good care of their teeth and visiting the dentist regularly.

Do not smoke or chew tobacco! The warnings you hear and read about are true. Besides lung and heart problems, tobacco can cause oral cancer. Tobacco use has been estimated to account for over 90 percent of cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx.

Wear a mouthguard. Prepare your athlete for participation in any sport or activity in which the mouth can be hit by giving them a well fitting mouthguard.

Buckle up in the car. A seat belt and shoulder harness can keep the face from striking the steering wheel, the dashboard or windshield during minor accidents.

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