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We’re Dentists for teenagers that promote dazzling smiles and a lifetime of dental health.

A dentist that understand tweens and teens entering a new phase of their lives, with increased independence and their own unique needs can be a helpful resource. Peers suddenly become much more important, as does balancing individual expression and fitting in. Helping teens maintain healthy smiles is so important for both their health and personal confidence.

What can a dentist for teenagers provide?

Your child’s teenage years come with their own unique challenges. Our team is trained in techniques suitable for dentistry for children and teens. We will focus on helping adolescents learn to care for their teeth, respecting their increased independence. This includes educating them on the importance of routine dental visits, teaching how to brush and floss, and practice good oral hygiene habits.

Preventative care is important for teens’ good oral health, as most now have a full mouth of adult teeth that will last them a lifetime. The dentist will evaluate your teen’s mouth for cavities at each visit and recommend treatment based on their needs. Treatment options include cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments to maintain healthy teeth and prevent dental problems.

Concerns your teen may have

Teenagers are often concerned with the appearance of their teeth. Teeth whitening, bad breath, and tooth alignment are all common concerns that a dentist for teens can address. Proper dental hygiene can remedy many of these issues and plays a critical role at every visit. It’s important to bring up their concerns with the dentist so they do not seek online help or DIY approaches to teeth whitening or alignment.

If your teen grinds their teeth, the dentist may recommend fitting them for a mouth guard to protect their smile. Mouth guards may also be needed for contact sports or other activities where there is a high likelihood of impact to the mouth.

Piercings are trendy these days and a frank talk about the risks with your dentist might make your teen think twice about them.  Other than the fact that tongue and lip piercings can harbor bacteria that can turn to infection, those little shiny objects also beat the heck out of the inside of your mouth. Piercings near the gumline wear away the gums and the enamel of the teeth nearby, and tongue piercings are often munched-on unwittingly, which can lead to chipped or broken teeth.

Does my teen need braces?

At each visit, Dr. Laura or Dr. Susie will evaluate your tween or teen’s teeth for needed alignment adjustments. Getting orthodontic care is as easy as can be with our in-house treatment options. Dr. W. Vaughn Holland, our orthodontist, is available to provide a comprehensive evaluation for braces.

Teens and parents are busier than ever. Being able to complete cleanings and orthodontic check-ups in the same place make getting needed dental treatments easy and convenient. Because our highly trained team of dentists work so closely together, you can know that your teen’s smile is in the best of hands at every step of the way.

Does a teens’ dentist have tips for making my teen’s smile sparkle?

Developing good habits is more important than ever in the teenage years. Help set your teen up for a lifetime of healthy, radiant smiles with these tips.

  • Promote healthy snacking: Fresh fruits and vegetables are best for oral health. Try to minimize the amount of sugary and carbohydrate-dense snacks and drinks (ie. teas, sports drinks, carbonated water). Your dentist can provide some tasty ideas.
  • Brush and floss: Make sure your teen brushes and flosses at least twice per day, more if they are consuming a lot of sugary items that can sit on the teeth and lead to cavities.
  • Regular dental check-ups: Teach your child the importance of good preventative care by scheduling cleanings and routine visits when recommended by the office. This includes setting a good example by scheduling care for your own smile!
  • Practice good overall safety: Buckle up in the car. Wear mouth guards when playing sports. Don’t smoke or chew tobacco. All are good habits to promote to keep your teen (and their smile) healthy.

What are wisdom teeth and does my teen have them?

The teenage years are when many patients’ third molars, or wisdom teeth, begin to develop. Some patients are able to allow their wisdom teeth to come down into their mouth naturally, while others need them to be removed due to lack of space or poor position. Every visit will include an evaluation of spacing with special attention paid to these molars.

Should I discuss serious issues with a dentist for teens?

Our team of dentists can also help address more serious concerns that your teen may struggle with. Eating disorders and the use of tobacco products can be devastating on oral health. If left untreated, they may lead to gum disease, lip cheek lesions, or an increased risk of oral cancer. It is important to address these with your child’s dental team to keep them healthy and smiling.

Any concerns, big or small, that you have about your teen’s oral health can be addressed at any visit.

Have a child with special needs and you need a dentist?

Our team of pediatric dentists, hygienists, and specialists are committed to serving infants, children, and teens in our community. From the time that they are young children, our patients join a dental home they love. We work with families from St. Johns, Nocatee, Durbin Crossing, and surrounding cities. St. Johns Pediatric Dentistry provides care you can trust to keep your teen and their smile bright and healthy.

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